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About us

Chinese tea manufacturer, Yiqingyuan is the Chinese tea exporting quality honesty enterprise, the famous Chinese tea enterprise, China tea exporting company, China tea and food import & export trade company, the first import and export factory in Hunan, hunan organic green tea company, organic tea manufacturer, tea expert, Chinese tea culture expert. Yiqingyuan tea, engaging in nothing but tea, distributing green and health to people...


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Hunan Provincial YiQingYuan Tea Industry Co. Ltd. is a Chinese tea company, Chinese famous tea company, the first import and export factory in Hunan, China tea and food import & export trade company, tea manufacturer, tea expert, tea culture and tea art showing expert in Hunan, engaging in tea developing.


Yiqingyuan tea is type of a technology enterprise,which gathering tea scientific research,zoology and organic tea gardens construction,tea processing,marketing,tea culture forwarding into a whole,owning strong capability of tea scientific development,and tea experts group and owning advanced modern and traditional tea processing technic.


Yiqingyuan tea owns a Hunan dark tea subsidiary company and the dark tea hotel which set under the unique mythos of dark tea culture in the world wide,which the culture card of thousands of years history of Hunan dark tea,owning hundreds of chain tea shops,owning more than 7000 hectares of zoology and organic tea gardens,owning 8 tea primary processing factories,2 refine processing factories,the range of exporting teas includes:Green tea,black tea,jasmine green tea, oolong tea,white tea,puerh tea,dark tea,bulk tea,tea fannings,tea bags,herbal tea,etc.



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